Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Screening: My Kenyan Story by Ingrid Berlanga, Aug. 17 2013 @ Phoenix Players Theatre

My Kenyan Story by Ingrid Berlanga
Ingrid Berlanga the outgoing political, commercial and cultural attaché to Kenya screened a documentary titled My Kenyan Story by Ingrid Berlanga at phoenix players. This is a documentary that was made by Immortal Media.

The documentary starts with recollections of Ingrid in her first posting at the UN headquarters in New York and how she did not achieve personal fulfilment though she was in what would be considered every diplomats dream location.

She was subsequently posted to Kenya in 2009 or thereabout and met folks from immortal media who convinced her into making a documentary. Subsequently they followed her around as she settled around in the country and worked. As a commercial, political and cultural attaché Ingrid engaged with many people but key among this are the Mexican population living in Kenya. Most of the Mexicans in Kenya are working in the religious field so the documentary at some point takes a religious angle. Hence for an atheist this documentary might not be recommended.

Despite the almost religious angle the documentary does show the work of a diplomat living in Kenya. It might not be all rosy and the work involves a sensible amount of creativity. 

 My Kenyan Story by Ingrid Berlanga is available on DVD which can be sourced from immortal media. 

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