Monday, August 12, 2013

What Happens to former Presidents who Retire and Presidential Candidate who lose Election in Africa?

This is a qustion which has been on my mind considering we have now two retired presidents [retired President Moi and Kibaki] and a former Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga who was a co-principal in the Grand Coalition formed after disputed 2007 polls.

Also, joining this exclusive club is the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai. I looked around and realised there is a 'retirement' home of sorts for this statesmen. There is an African Presidential Center in Boston which offers residency program to former democratically elected African leaders [I guess we can count out Robert Mugabe!] The Mission of this centre reads;
The African Presidential Center (APC) at Boston University is an unprecedented and unique approach to studying democratization and free market reform in Africa.
This year they had the African Presidential Roundtable 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 5 to 7 where it is indicated that they discussed the cost of democracy. Looking at the participants you will notice former Presidents Moi and Mwai Kibaki are conspiquosly absent. The old leader from Kenya is the former Prime Minister. Perhaps, we can allude that our former presidents we're NOT democratically elected or that they are not into those sort of things! It could be they shall be attending one but albeit when the Chinese come up with an equivalent platform they might be more comfortable with such [tongue in cheek]
APR 2013  I  Photo credit to Prince Eno Bassey
The heads of state/governments who attended the 2013 African Presidential Roundtable at Constitution Hill, from June 5-8. From left to right, Ambassador Charles Stith, Prime Minister Sumaye of Tanzania, President Chissano of Mozambique, President Pires of Cape Verde, President Mbeki of South Africa, Prime Minister Odinga of Kenya, President Offmann of Mauritius, President Mwinyi of Tanzania, President Soglo of Benin, and President Karume of Zanzibar.

Photo additional info from African Presidential Center Facebook Page

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