Monday, September 9, 2013

[RE] Screening: God Loves Uganda, Sept. 6 2013 @ the NEST

Friday September 6, 2013 I got the chance to see God Loves Uganda that was first screened at the nest on August 31, 2013. I missed the first screening because I was out of the country and I am glad the Nest yielded to public pressure to screen this flick again.

God Loves Uganda takes an investigative ‘look’ into the affairs of the American conservative movement which has had a significant influence in Uganda. The American conservative’s activities in Uganda have resulted in the mushrooming of evangelicals, the introduction of legislation which are anti homophobic and the rise in the number of street preachers.

This documentary brings to light some aspects that I did not know and after watching it I was able to connect the dots on the recent anti-homophobia public sentiments coming out of Uganda and the killing of David Kato, one of the gay activists whose death was given prominence by CNN.

What emerges from this documentary is that the American conservatives are exporting the American Cultural wars into Africa. They are doing this through youths and students in their gap years. The young folks are flown into Uganda to come and spread the gospel in the pearl of Africa. 

This North-South gospel interaction has also resulted in benefiting a small number of African pastors who are living lavish lifestyles and have amazing worship venues which are financed by American dollars. These pastors are gaining influence and traction and are being used to influence politics of Uganda. A case in point was the anti-homosexual bill in which the bill sponsor seemed to enjoy the patronage of the conservative pastors in Uganda. Also, in the documentary you have American pastors coming to Uganda to conduct workshops and in a surprising move even addressing the Ugandan parliament!

Obviously, this documentary is funded by the Ford Foundation and as such it seems to take a certain line. However, as is always the case with Ford Foundation activities they showcase some activities in society that are not being reported due to their nature.   

Bottom line God Loves Uganda is this is an insightful documentary which portrays the fallacies of American Conservative practices in Uganda, the politics of contraceptives in an African Country and the plight of minorities.

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