Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Cities Project on Guardian - Ten Cities, a million tunes: Antinodes Picked

Here are a few antinodes picked from Ten Cities, a million tunes by Caspar Llewellyn Smith
The project is the baby of the organisation's genial director, Johannes Hossfeld, who had nothing to do in the evenings when he arrived in the city six years ago. "So I went clubbing – and I found myself thinking, 'What is going on here? It is so utterly different from in Germany!'
It is part of an impressively resourced project called Ten Cities that is criss-crossing Africa and Europe seeking answers to these questions: 
  1. "What is the social meaning of music in Johannesburg and Kiev? 
  2. How is electric music produced and distributed in Luanda and in Lisbon? 
  3. What is the meaning of the public sphere in Cairo and in Naples? 
  4. What does identity entail in Lagos and Berlin? 
  5. What is subculture in Bristol and in Nairobi? 
  6. And, most importantly, what if these 10 scenes were to respond directly to each other?" 
"It's so much easier to make music with software like that, and it can run on cheap PCs which are suddenly everywhere. It means power has been taken out of the studios." Coupled with transformations in distribution, thanks to the likes of Facebook and Soundcloud, "things are very different from even five years ago. It's all more anarchic."

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