Thursday, July 11, 2013

All the President’s Men: The Men and Women Advising UhuRuto Government

It is almost one hundred days since Uhuru Kenyatta ascended to the presidency and the coming into office of the Jubilee government. A lot has taken place in the last ninety days and while the jury may not be out on how President Uhuru Kenyatta will is expected to perform we have the first hundred days as a yard stick to measure his leadership mantle. The most significant occurrence for me was the announcement of the cabinet which left even the most astute political commentator’s way off. However just like the previous governments and all governments for that matter there are what is normally called the presidential men/women. Below are some key folks to watch out in UhuRuto government.
Key Presidency Staff
  1. Chief of Staff and Private Secretary to the President Jomo Gecaga [President's Kin]
  2. Head of Presidential Press Service - Isaiah Kabira [President Kibaki's PPS]

  1. Chief of Staff for the Deputy President  - Marianne Kitany
  2. Private Secretary - Reuben Maiyo
  3. Head of Deputy President Press Service - David Mugonyi

  1. Abdikadir Mohammed - former MP and an instrumental figure in drafting of new constitution
  2. Joshua Kuttuny - former MP and a Ruto diehard
  3. Sam Ongeri - former MP & foreign affairs Minister who supported Uhuru in Kisii land
  4. Jasper Mbiuki - lawyer who is also TNA legal secretary, instrumental in setting up TNA and seconded the president at IEBC
  5. Nancy Gitau - Kibaki's political adviser who is said to know where the wind blows
  6. Nixon Korir  - URP official

Abdikadir is in the presidents special adviser on devolution and constitutional affairs and is based at State House while Sam Ongeri, is the special adviser on governance issues. Kuttuny is a special adviser on political affairs. These three are based at Harambee House in the city centre.
Former Treasury PS Joseph Kinyua is the special adviser on finance and economic affairs while KenGen MD Eddy Njoroge is the government’s adviser on energy and petroleum.
Jasper Mbiuki is a legal adviser to the Presidency while Nancy Gitau is a special adviser on governance. These two are based at State House.

Nixon Korir is a special adviser on youth affairs and special projects and is based at Ruto's Harambee Avenue office.
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