Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tech + Elections: The Uchaguzi Platform Official Launch

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The Uchaguzi platform will be launched officially on Monday 11th February 2013. This launch will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi  from 7:30 am.

Uchaguzi is a joint initiative of Ushahidi, Hivos, Creco, Umati, and SODNET, seeking to deliver  unprecedented collaboration between election observers and citizen’s to monitor the March 4 general elections in near-real time. 
The goal is to extend the common practice of traditional election observation by seeking to engage citizens in election monitoring as citizens can be a valuable source of information for election observers to verify and amplify to the respective electoral authorities or security personnel in case of violence.

Three key components of Uchaguzi are:
  1. Crowd: this is the main focus of Uchaguzi and the source of most of the reports. We want people to send us any information on the election/electoral process that they feel is significant
  2. Verification: the process of evaluating information and determining how credible it is
  3. Response: Getting verified information to organizations and individuals who can intervene positively and monitoring that response to measure its effectiveness.

The methodology has evolved and builds on the concept of trusted sources and unverified sources. The goal is to both the traditional election monitors and citizen science included on Uchaguzi. This combines Ushahidi’s roots of “what do you see, what do you hear” (citizen data) with the trusted expertise of election monitors who have field experience.

What: Uchaguzi Partnership official  launch

When: February 11th, 7.30 am

Where: Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi

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