Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peace Procession/Protest: State Funeral, Jan. 16 2013 @ Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner to Parliament Buildings

State Burial 

PichaMtaani are inviting Kenyans from all walks of life on Wednesday, 16th January 2013 at 10am, at Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner to give the members of parliament the golden handshake they deserve.

Parliament officially closes on Tuesday 15th and the following day we shall deliver 221 coffins one for each outgoing Member of Parliament. 

The non violent, peace procession will be from Uhuru Park to parliament with thousands of Kenyans anti-vulture flags while carrying the coffins .

This protest will signify the end of five years of impunity by the 10th parliament. The protest will also be a reminder to the leaders that Kenyans are ready for a peaceful ballot revolution.

Last week members of parliament secretly passed a controversial KShs 9.3 million golden handshake. The MPs also approved that each of them gets an armed bodyguard, a diplomatic passport for the retiree and his wife and unlimited access to the executive lounge for Very Important Person in all the airports within Kenya.

President Kibaki declined to assent to the Retirement Benefits bill enacted by the National Assembly on Thursday 10th January 2013. We are holding our leaders responsible for their actions hence the coffins symbolising death to impunity & bad leadership. 

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You can tweet about it and spread the word. Hash tag #state burial #statefuneral

We want to encourage Kenyans to take proactive action in the advent of the bad leadership.
Mavulture Graffiti in City Street  [Photo by Andre Epstein]

This is your chance to join other Kenyans in speaking out against impunity and organize to vote for change. See you on Wednesday. 

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