Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nairobi County Campaign Dispatches: Out of the Box Campaigning by Jimnah Mbaru [Is JM Kenya’s equivalent of London’s Boris Johnson?]

Campaign Slogan: Consider It Done Campaign
Nairobi has been turned into some sort of poster junk and all candidates are guilty of this offence. Everywhere you turn you will see posters of candidates vying for the March 4, 2013 elections. The problem has been made worse by the nominations which are currently taking place.  The irony I find in this is the same fellows appearing on these posters are promising heaven for Nairobi.

In fact the Nation Media Group chief has tweeted about the ongoing disaster on city streets
However, in all this mess I have been looking around for the new forms and creative means in which candidates are seeking the electorate vote. Jimnah Mbaru [and by pointing this out is by no means an endorsement] a candidate running for Nairobi governor is turning out to be the equivalent of London Mayor Boris Johnson. In terms of seeking that illusive vote he has gone on-line to engage the urban youth and middle class Nairobi.
London Mayor: Boris Johnson 
One of the thing doing the rounds is his curriculum vitae [see the impressive CV here] and compare it with what XYZ Show guys have come up with as Mike Sonko CV [Mike Sonko blog show be coming up soon…].
Mike Sonko purported CV [Source XYZ]
The two candidates seem to have focused their energies to different segments of the city. With Mike Sonko who is running for Senator of Nairobi appealing to the youth and people living in informal settlements. However, when you look at their posters none seems to be communicating to the so so called hustlers [By using Sheng like Safaricom or Kiswahili]. Most of the posters and billboards are in Kiswahili and the thing that seems to attract or bring the crowds are the lorry convoys/parades which have dancers on board.

Watch Nitatimiza [I will deliver] Video
Pertinent Questions
Who is going to be his running mate?
Can he delivers what he is promising?
Is Jimnah Mbaru consider running for higher office in 2017 IF elected as city Governor? 

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