Monday, September 3, 2012

Politics: Hon. Charity Ngilu Tosses Her Hat into the Presidential Ring

Hon. Charity Ngilu [Current Water Minister] becomes the second woman after Martha Karua to toss her hat into the Presidential Contest ring.  Charity Ngilu launched her presidential bid yesterday at KICC. In a well orchestrated party delegates conference that saw her endorsed as the party's flag bearer on Narc party. 
This will be her second shot at the presidency after 1997 polls that saw her come number four. 
Many of us will remember Ngilu as being instrumental in the 2002 polls. She was the one of the leading lights who advocated for the then opposition to unite. Her efforts bore fruit and saw President Kibaki then head of opposition on Democratic Party ran on her party ticket Narc Kenya as a compromise party and saw the opposition through Kibaki clinching the presidency for the first time. 
She later fell out with the president and has been closely linked with the prime minister's ODM party.  In 2007 election she was the only woman pentagon member. She was given leeway by the ODM party  to contest her Kitui Central seat on her Narc Party.

Observers have pointed out that she is launching a presidential bid to increase her odds of being picked by the PM as a running mate.

The positive thing but her run for presidency is that it is igniting the ongoing campaign with fresh ideas especially on policy as opposed to name calling we have been getting. During her launch she set out the priority areas her administration would focus on. These are;
  1. Eradicating poverty;
  2. Fighting illiteracy;
  3. Improving healthcare;
  4. Women empowerment and
  5. Enhancing food and water security in the country
However, this seemed like a well choreographed reading of her party manifesto as opposed to what she believes in.
Critics will be eager to point out that her ministry has not been one of the best performing and we have had instances of corruption pointed out in this ministry. 
She is also ranked as an average MP on Mzalendo platform

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