Thursday, August 30, 2012

Constitution Second Anniversary: What the Media Reported

Below are snippets of what the fourth estate featured to commemorate our constitution's second anniversary;
Daily Nation
Daily Nation gave prominence to Kofi Annan Statement that he released on the eve this anniversary. His statement noted;
The adoption of the Constitution on 27 August, 2010 was a watershed moment in the history of the country; the product of a decades-long struggle to reform the way in which Kenya is governed. It also marked the most significant milestone in the implementation of the reform agenda of the Coalition Government, which both partners had committed themselves to when the National Accord was signed in early 2008.

Kofi Annan's statement also goes ahead to note the missing gaps that we should have implemented at this junction.
There are still some gaps in key areas of constitutional implementation. These include the areas of police reform, in particular the creation of the National Police Service Commission and the appointment of the Inspector-General of Police; and the conclusion of the process to appoint commissioners to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. It is also critical that the issue of gender representation within the National Assembly receives the attention it deserves and is authoritatively concluded before it affects the electoral preparedness timetable. We are confident, however, that these and other outstanding tasks will be completed.
However, he does NOT point out some of the outstanding issues which they pointed out rightly after 2007/8 disputed polls 'famously referred to as Agenda 4' which in my opinion are the reason we still not out of the woods yet. Some of this are; 
  1. Unemployment, particularly among the youth
  2. Land reform
  3. Poverty,inequality and regional imbalances
As we go ahead we hope the other items below will be addressed before the March 2013 poll
  1. Institutional reform: The Police
  2. Institutional reform: The Civil Service
  3. Institutional reform: The Parliament
  4. Consolidating National Cohesion and Unity
  5. Transparency, accountability, impunity

My eye catching event of this day is when the Prime Minister Raila Odinga led the second liberation brigade to Nyayo House [former torture chambers under Moi’s government].
The PM with other 2nd Liberation Fighters. Source PMPS
However, the sad thing to note is that on this day we had a daylight assassination in Mombasa which has left the coast province reeling with violence
Watch Mutahi Ngunyi on the bench as he gives his views;

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