Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Promulgation Day

August 27 2010 will forever be etched in our minds. Well, for starters this is the day we had all been waiting for over 2 decades and to mark the day the state had gone the whole nine yards to make the day a success with a budget of Millions of Kenya Shillings.

The days proceeding the promulgation ceremony (23-26/08/2010) at Uhuru Park had seen the Army take over Uhuru park with the heads of respective uniformed units being frequent visitors here (Uhuru Park) to make sure everything runs smoothly on 27/08/2010. The onlookers and those people in surrounding offices getting a taste of what was to come way in advance. The army not being the one that disappoints was belting excellent tunes such that one had to put off the occasional rock songs that push the day away! And in my personal opinion if they can fight as good as they sing then I can be sleeping like a baby at night.
So some of the works the army got to do was a fix a new Flag post at Uhuru Park.

On the D-day (a public holiday) thank God for this grateful gesture from the head of state. We got to spend the day as you so wished. The really patriotic Kenyans got blazing the chilling cold to attend the celebrations at Uhuru Park before 8am. And for us we got to sleep and watch the events at the confines of our homes (otherwise whats the use of  TV anyway?). So we got to see the State and all its Machinery in action, the State Seal (like we knew one existed!), the Military Might (the Ham Vs) etc etc...... This had my friends getting rather cocky and saying we should 'poke'  our neighbors!

Promulgating the new constitution

But having not been invited neither to the state banquet at State house (and not wishing to crash to the party of high and mighty!) nor invited to the Prime Ministers celebration at Carnivore. I got my own party going on at the house!

I can ONLY hope the new constitution will be etched in my heart and mind and that this new order/2nd republic will constitute us respecting the set laws.

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