Friday, September 3, 2010

Launch of two Publications by Youth Agenda

The Youth Agenda, a national youth organization, which strives to position young people in the local and national development processes launched two publications on August 31, 2010. These publications are;
The former being a critique on vision 2030 or an analysis of Vision 2030 from the youths perspective and the latter being the an account of Political Cafe deliberations of year 2009.

To launch this book was Mugo Kabati the head of Vision 2030 Secretariat who was impressed by the work of the critique on Vision 2030 and looked forward to working with YA.

Review of  Kenya Vision 2030-A critique by Kenya's Youth
I have been going through Kenya Vision 2030-A critique by Kenya's Youth and it is a good read. It aims at ensuring that Kenya's youth have not been left out of the debate on feasibility of Vision 2030. This is because the implementation of this policy will have considerable implication in our lives. This policies will come to fruition at the prime of our active life.

The areas of concern highlighted in this book are;
  • The conspicuous absence of cultural pillar outlining the shared national values;
However, on this the Director General of the KV2030 secretariat was quick to point out that once he got on the job. The issue of a fourth pillar (cultural pillar was one of his concerns). The secretariat has been working with like minded individuals such as Ken Njiru who is  Executive Director of Uungwana Resource Institute. Ken is one of the leading proponents of business ethics in Kenya i.e behind  “ushenzi” and “uungwana” campaigns.

  • The limited popular participation in the vision formulation and subsequent poor communication which has resulted in lack of awareness amongst citizens;
  • Transition challenges that may see the vision abandoned by successive governments;
  • The limited capacity of the vision Delivery Secretariat to ensure all ministries and government agencies adhere to and implement the vision in addition to implement their ends; and
  • The assumptions of the underlying the targets set by the vision;

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