Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still on Photography!

There is this picture (above) I took on my way to work (Kilimo) which show cases Nairobi in the Morning.
There is a lot of phenomena that happen around me on my way to work and I wish I had more time to blub about it.
So today I give it up to Uhuru Park.This place is always very graceful in the morning. The green grass and the serene pool (with occasional ducks) are always a great way to welcome the day plus, the ever cheerful Italian who is in charge of the boat business in the park who is always wishing the passers by a good day and ladies get to have sweets most of the time.
This peace and tranquility comes to an end as we approach a public holiday. Uhuru Park is then turned into a practice ground by the disciplined forces. And on a lucky day like today (19/05/2010) you will meet with four legged officers (Army Dogs). These guys are humongous and look more like calves! You will get the army officers who are away from the barracks gazing at the working community that they protect going to work. If you are keen you will get to see the guns they have and you can tell the gov't has been doing some shopping of late!
The other thing that amazes me is the ever presence of couples in the park. This has me thinking that CUPID resides in this joint and for the professional bachelors like me. This is a place to avoid at all costs. Unless cupid sees you passing by the park and hits you with his arrows!
Then we got them preachers who sometimes you will find pitching tent in the morning in anticipation of touching a heart that day.
Lastly the Nairobi viewing point. This is where I snapped the the above picture. This spot is mostly used by foreigners/tourist who wish to have a glimpse of Nairobi. I have been thinking of how I can set up a tuck shop up there to cope with the tourists esp. Chinese delegations that I have been seeing!

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