Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Africa Unframed Press Photography

I attended the East African FCA’s Photography exhibition at the Alliance Française on May 4th6.30 pm, the opening date.
The East African chapter of Foreign Correspondents’ Association (FCA) is now on its fourth year in a row exhibiting at the Alliance Française from 2007.
My best highlights apart from the insightful pictures that grace the A/F walls were the voting that was done on this night. This democratic voting saw the attendees voting for Boniface Mwangi’s photo that shows a boy holding a gun take the coveted award of : Press Photo of the Year 2010.
Another thing that I liked was the awards that were up for grabs. These are miniatures that show a person taking a picture.
In future I hope some entities can come up with some cash price for the photographers.
Ps: I took my own pictures with my phone although I may NOT be a top notch wizard behind the camera. Hope it will give you a hint of what took place!
The exhibition runs from 5-31 May 2010.

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