Thursday, December 3, 2009

Political Café: Deliberations on harmonized draft constitution under the auspices of Youth Agenda

I had the pleasure of attending the above forum to discuss the harmonized draft constitution. From my perspective, it was a meaningful endeavor to spend my Monday evening discussing the harmonized draft constitution in the presence of one member of committee of expert Bobby M. Mkangi (Whom I must thank for being so nice as to give me his copy of the preliminary report), Hon C. Mbarire (My M.P., I must point out that it was something to be proud. It is not everyday our legislatures do anything to write home about!), Cyprian Nyamwamu, Kepta Ombati, Pastor Gowi, Rita Shiko, Collins Otieno and Nemuel Machuki.
The deliberations were to look at what the harmonized draft constitution holds for the youth but it was not exclusively about youth interests as six major points of the harmonized draft constitution we discussed. Among this were;
• Executive
• Legislature
• Land
• Bill of rights
• Decentralization

This months political cafe was full house given the big shots who attended this months meeting. Thus, I was able to gain lots of insights and now am reading the draft constitution in a better informed position.
For those not in the know the political cafe is organized by Youth Agenda monthly (subject to availability of funding) and in most cases it is held at Goethe Institute because one of the major sponsors is PLDP (Germans). It seeks to discuss youth issues in an informal forum come up with recommendations to this issues.
Am informed the deliberations of this forum will be published in the dallies in the course of this week. We can all look forward to see the final draft recommendations that we adopted at Sarova PanAfric

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