Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Picha Mtaani

Picha Mtaani which was launched on 7/12/09 at 1000hrs outside Hilton Hotel is a collection of photos taken by Bonface Mwangi an award winning photo journalist. His photos capture the electioneering period aka campaign period, election day and post election violence that occurred after our disputed 27/12/2007 polls. Hence this pictures show a chronological account of the events before and after the polls.
I have had the occasions to see exhibition of his works before. This previous exhibitions were being held in what I would term as 'private open spaces' namely; the Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, The Godown and The National Museums of Kenya. Also, his pictures can be found on just a band song 2012.
However, what I like is that Picha Mtaani has embraced a new concept.This is the concept of exhibiting his photos in a public open space i.e. outside the Hilton Hotel. This gives the wider society and not the tourists or affluent persons a chance to consider his works and reflect as a nation on the events that lead to the post election violence.
This exhibition from my own perspective is that it is meant to spur us into conversations with ourselves and with one another. I could not help noticing that it had realized this objective as I went to see the exhibition on a Tuesday night (08/12/2009). I could see Kenyans from all walks of life engaging each other in conversations as to what might have possibly gone wrong.
This is a wonderful concept and I can only thank the UNDP, Picha Mtaani and the whole group behind this concept for what they are doing.

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