Thursday, October 24, 2013

King's Speech Oops.. the Presidents Speech! Uhuru Kenyatta's Africa Union Speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta's speech delivered in Addis Ababa at the Extra Ordinary Session of the Assemblies of Heads of State and Government of the African Union was a Kantian moment in two instances. First, in terms of his presidency the president came out guns blazing against the West and their ideals of justice. Second, in terms of African Union politics the president has started a discourse that is certainly going to continue in terms of AU engagement with powers outside the continent.

In his speech the president was as blunt as they come and gave a stinging attack to Western Nations.
Some of the snippets from this speech below shows the president has had a change of heart albeit now that he is in power and as such the gloves are now finally off.
First, that world powers were hesitant to a process that might make them accountable for such spectacularly criminal international adventures as the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other places, and such hideous enterprises as renditions and torture. Such states did not, therefore, consider such warnings as applicable to pacific and friendly parties.

Secondly, it was the understanding of good-faith subscribers that the ICC would administer and secure justice in a fair, impartial and independent manner and, as an international court, bring accountability to situations and perpetrators everywhere in the world. As well, it was hoped that the ICC would set the highest standards of justice and judicial processes.

This speech represents a defining moment in Uhuru Kenyatta's presidency and as such we could start percing events in Kenya in context of the pre AU convention speech and post AU convention speech. What remain is to see if he will appear at the ICC on November 12, 2013 or he will follow the AU resolution that asked him not to show up at the Hague.

Find the Presidents full speech here

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