Thursday, September 5, 2013

In anticipation of a FES Youth Regional Summit: from Addis Ababa to Dar es Salaam

Ethiopian YLTP Gig last year was pretty awesome and for a moment I wanted this year’s YLTP to be in Addis however this was not to be. When news percolated in late July that the next YLTP was going to be in Tanzania my expectations of what to expect in Tanzania began to crystallize

Naturally, we have had good news about our Tanzanian friends especially their warmth, friendliness and affection. However, in trade matters it was pretty clear from the offset that Tanzanian’s fear their Kenyan neighbours’. This might have been as a result of misrepresentation by the Kenyan Citizens who sent to Tanzania and gave Kenya a bad reputation. So when the two countries are involved stereotypes are bound to fly. However, given Tanzanian’s we’re the host of this annual Gig and having met and made some excellent contacts in Tanzania I decided to let this pass.

In the run up to my visit this blog post [of trials and tribulationsof when visiting Tanzania]came to the limelight. So I made sure all my travel papers and the necessary documents we’re in check least I fall under the same fate.

I happen to have a friend who has been working in Tanzania from last year and he has been singing about Dar es Salaam life like a bird. So he suggested a few things I should do while in Dar. 

My Bucket list for Tanzania
  1. Drinking Kilimanjaro
  2. Chips Mayai
  3. Visiting Zanzibar
  4. Listen to Bongo by the Ocean.
Serious matters up for consideration
  1. Youth Unemployment in the region
  2. Challenges of African Leadership
  3. How to manage the Regional National Resources
For more info on the Gig and EAC Case Studies

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