Thursday, January 24, 2013

Important Book Launch as we head to the Elections: Taking Stock of Socio-Economic Challenges in the Nairobi Slums

Yesterday Citizens Against Violence initiative (CAVi) launched a publication titled Taking Stock of Socio-Economic Challenges in the Nairobi Slums.

This publication is a culmination of monthly sittings which CAV has been organizing in the informal settlements from early 2008. These sittings we’re as a result of 2007 Post Election Violence and realization that it was from these informal settlements trouble started.

A body of 60 young leaders representing 10 slums in Nairobi was chosen to attend the monthly Slum Residents Assembly.

The intended consequence of this initiative was to avert future conflicts in the slums and also to understand the root causes of these unrest.  The other by product of these meet up has been a nurturing ground for young leaders in the informal settlements with a handful of participants of these meet up contesting in the coming elections as ward reps.

The young leaders were trained in advocacy work, conflict resolution, public communication and approaches to represent the needs of their respective slum areas. A smaller group of twenty members underwent an intensive training for candidature at the upcoming elections.

The publication and meet ups were supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) a German foundation which is keen in entrenching youth discourse in Kenyan society though capacity building and policy development

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