Thursday, October 4, 2012

Social Media Campaigns in Kenya: Is DPL Festive Bread Pushing the Envelope?

Campaign Poster
DPL Festive Bread has an ongoing campaign on social media that has me musing. The campaign involves one posting a photo of self consuming bread and having it put to a democratic vote of most ‘likes’!
I am not against such campaigns but is social media in Kenya pushing new boundaries?
Their Preposition
By posting a photo you get a chance to win Kshs 5,000 and a gift hamper daily if your photo has the most likes.
This campaign is giving us new insights as to how people like their bread buttered in Kenya!
it goes with everything!
Other interesting Social Media Campaigns
Safaricom Okoa Newbie
The other interesting social media campaign is the ‘okoa’ newbie. Okoa means save for those who do not know Swahili. This would translate save a newbie who has been employed in the social media arm of the company that helps tech Savvy customers. Another first in corporate Kenya by Safaricom.
Okoa Newbie campaign
 Can you pay okoa jahazi using Bonga points? Take one for the team, answer this one and save our Newbie on her first day.
This campaign targets techies and young demographics. This is evident from the photo’s. These in my opinion looks very creative from Safaricom.
Okoa Newbie Campaign
How do you subscribe to the SMS bundles? Our Newbie is a bit swamped; help him sort this problem out. Get the correct answer and he could swing some show of appreciation in the form of a Samsung Galaxy S3 and airtime your way.
The social media in Kenya is emerging as one of the last frontiers by companies especially for Kenya's young and connected demographic
Photos from DPL Festive Bread and Safaricom Facebook pages

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