Monday, October 29, 2012

Should Magical Kenya utilize this opportunity & offer Donald Trump a Safari to Kenya

The internet was abuzz last week first with the major announcement that was expected from Mr. Donald Trump. Second, with the response from the president that followed Mr. Trump’s 'big announcement'.
The US  president appeared on Jey Leno Late Night Show and gave his response to Mr. Trump. This response should make a good campaign platform for Brand Kenya to exploit. The US President offered what in politics can be equated to an ‘endorsement’of growing up in Kenya. Here is the verbatim plus the extract from his appearance on Jay Leno.
‘This all dates back when we we're all growing up in Kenya’
In my opinion Brand Kenya through Magical Kenya should offer both Mr. Trump & the president a Safari to Kenya. That way Kenya can ride on top of this wave of this publicity.
This visit would also offer Mr. Donald an opportunity to have a good time and also ‘catch-up with his childhood friends’. Also, I would be prepared to take him around to some really good galleries should he accept the offer pro-bono. I know he is a collector and perhaps Kenyan Art can bring to rest his problems with the president.

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