Monday, October 22, 2012

Kofi Annan Attacks: The worrying Trend I have been observing

Reading this week’s edition of the EastAfrican one gets the impression that we have a section that is after Kofi Annan. Don’t get me wrong I am NOT against criticism but when one goes about criticizing someone just as we are about to go to the election. Then something is amiss. The timing of these criticisms looks suspicious.
This is after the head of the executive snubbed him on his most recent tour of the country with fellow elder, former president Mkapa of Tanzania. The two we’re in the country to get a view of the progress of the country in the count down to the March 4, 2012 election.
I have read Mutahi Ngunyi who has also criticized Kofi Annan’s frequent visit to the country on the grounds that they border to interference of a sovereign state. I think the good diplomat has not been reading the writing on the wall and if he has then he daggers are now out.

Attacking a Peace Envoy
Reading Gitau Warigi’s article I picked out three fonts of attack. These are
1.       Rwanda
2.       Somalia
3.       UN reform

Other attacks lines have been fronted by bloggers who are associated with TNA. They border on his latest mission to find peace in Syria which he resigned and the other is his son’s corruption deals while he was sec. gen of the UN.
@OleItumbi rt @nyarigoti KOFFI ANNAN'S SON WAS INVOLVED IN CORRUPT DEALS. @OleItumbi @TeamUhuru
Also President Mkapa is NOT left behind in this attacks which appear targeted to the mediators.
@OleItumbi rt @nyarigoti ....and Mkapa' s wife was involved in corrupt deals too. @OleItumbi @TeamUhuru
Kofi Annan's Book
I am yet to read the new book by Kofi Annan – Interventions and the memoirs by former secretary of state C. Rice to fully comment on some of these issues. However, looking at these attacks they look like cheap shots at the guy who saved our country from brink of war.

Kofi Annans 10 minutes interview with Jeff Koinange

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