Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prince of China: Raila’s Visit to the East

The Prime Minister meets with the Chinese VP HE Xi Jin ping
Source: PMPS

The Prime Minister’s visit to the East couldn't come at a better time than it did. Miguna Miguna [a former aide to the prime minister turned foe] had just released an explosive book (Peeling back the Mask-A Quest for Justice in Kenya). The usually calm and collected office of the primemister had been caught napping and needed some time to realign themselves and the FOCAC meeting in China offered that chance!

What was interesting to note was NOT the Miguna debacle unfolding [you could say still unfolding because the man is back into the country] BUT what ‘really’ transpired in China. The Prime minister through the office of the Prime Minster Press Service [PMPS] has its own account of what happened and was eager to paint a picture of the prime minister socializing with the Chinese elites and football stars [Drogba & Anelka]. Back here it is an open secret that the PM loves football and calls the shots in Gor Mahia FC. So the timings of these photo ops were NOT coincidental.
Anelka, Drogba & the PM
Source: PMPS
The Chinese might have known this and to play ball into the prime ministers court organized for these photo ops for the prime minister. However, what we the public we’re NOT told is if there we’re any backdoor negotiations that the Chinese had with the PM. Currently, the PM is the man to beat in the next year’s elections and the Chinese having some massive investments in this region would want to secure their investments should the PM ascend to the presidency. So what happened in China leaves more to be desired and the PM’s office has NOT been open on what really transpired in China.

The Prime Minister has been known to have leanings in the west while the president and his men are known to have a soft spot for the East. Therefore, months ahead we will witness a lot of activity in Kenya as different countries try to secure their interests in Kenya.
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Source: PMPS

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