Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Democracy? Film Festival Kenya 2010

I have been doing some of the posts that I was not able to do in 2010. So it came as a surprise as to why I had not blogged about the Why democracy? Film festival which was held in Kenya for the first time in November.
The exact dates for the festival were November 8-12, 2010 and the festival was held at Alliance Francaise. 

The festival which is a global documentary project was brought to us (the public) by Steps International with the partnership of Ford Foundation, Solidarity Network and other partners. 
At the opening of the festival Joyce Nyairo, the Program officer of Ford Foundation explained why Ford Foundation had partnered with Solidarity network to present the films to the public. Some of this reasons are to start the discussion on democracy, try to empower us to grasp some basic concepts on democracy through the screen, and to create awareness on this issues.
This festival presented some exceptional, challenging and unconventional stories from around the world and how different communities in the world perceive democracy or absence of it.

Each of the 10 long films presented prompted to ask a question about democracy.
  1. Can  terrorism destroy democracy?-Taxi to the dark side
  2. Who would you vote for as president of the world?-Please vote for me
  3. Are women more democratic than men?-Iron Ladies of Liberia
  4. What would make you start a revolution?-Looking for a Revolution
  5. Why bother to vote?-Egypt: We are watching you
  6. Can politicians solve climate change?-Campaign! The Kawasaki Candidate
  7. Is Democracy good for everyone?-In search of Gandhi
  8. Are dictators ever good?-Dinner with the president
  9. Is God democratic?-Bloody Cartoons
  10. Who rules the world?-For God, Tsar and the Fatherland
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