Tuesday, November 23, 2010

National Launch of Kenya’s OBI 2010 Results

The results of Open Budget Survey 2010 were released in Kenya by Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on November 9, 2010 at Stanley Hotel. This is under the Budget Information Programme (BIP) of the Institute.

The Institute is a civic forum that seeks to promote pluralism of ideas through open, active and informed debate on public policy issues. The release of this key index on public participation in budget making exercise and eventual outcomes was a follow up on an earlier public stakeholder forum in the year organised before the budget was read. This forum was meant to allow public input for the 2010/11 Kenya Budget. This input was collated by IEA and eventually forwarded to the treasury for consideration.  

Back to the release. The event was graced by the Muthoni Wanyeki the IEA's board chair who doubled up as the chief guest (the one launching the publication in Kenya). Noticeably absent were officials from  the treasury.
Muthoni in her opening remarks noted the positive correlation that exists between open budget processes and budget transparency and accountability.

Thereafter highlights of the survey was done by John Mutua of IEA. In his presentation he noted that the Survey is the ONLY independent, comparative, regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world. This survey is produced every 2 years by independent experts who administer questionnaires to various stakeholders on their participation in Budget making exercise. The experts also look at the information that the government makes public at little cost for the public to be aware on how their tax payers money is spent.
The Benchmarks of this process were also highlighted.

Thereafter, Muthoni had some talking points where she observed that with the enactment of new constitution. She is hopeful that the Government can be able to scale up in terms of ranking given the institutions that are enshrined in our new law.
To download this results visit open budget index website

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