Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It is our turn to blog!

Michela Wrong the author of  'it's our turn to eat' was in town.  She was around purposely for the Story Moja Hay Festival (so me thinks) since she was a key speaker in two events there.  Where I also got the rare chance to hear her speak mostly about corruption culture in Kenya and what she is up to. Sorry, she is not writing a book about Kenya!

So I also got to catch her on Capital talk with Jeff  Kionange whom they go way back. So below are clips of M. Wrong who got some things right about Kenya.
Some of the things on this clips are;

  • Her thoughts on impunity and ICC process
  • Problem of it’s our turn to eat philosophy in Kenya
  • What she is up to i.e.writing fiction and things to do with hope
Ps: Ignore the introduction by Jeff Kionange!

Bonus: Michela Wrong on Kenyan corruption and tragedy of post-colonial Africa


Jackie said...

Don't we all just love Jeff? What a show! And where does he get all this guests? Maybe from his connections back at CNN? I wonder.

Jackie said...

on another note, I saw this lady on the bench last week and did not know who she was so I just flipped over, Kumbe she is the Michela Wrong? that was just so wrong of me (pun very much intended).