Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving the Masses

On 12th September 2010 (Sunday) a friend of Mine (P) and I joined the debate in "Moving the masses" aired live on KBC channel 1 at 5pm same day. The guest of the show was Prof. John K. Lonyangapuo, CBS, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Works, and his host was Commissioner Hassan Omar of Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (Prof.Patrick Lumumba aka PLO now the chair of Kenya Anti Corruption Commission used to host the show before he left to head the anti-graft body).
Commissioner,  Hassan Omar

The topic of discussion during this  episode was  "Kenya's best brains overseeing billions of shillings to transform a nation". This show I came to learn is funded by the National Anti-corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC). Through this they seeks to create awareness and mobilise Kenyans to stigmatise and eradicate Corruption. 

Prof. John K. Lonyangapuo
Afterwards, we got a chance to interact with the guest of the show and his entourage in a cocktail (talk of NACCSC facilitating us the common mwanainchi to meet the BIG government!). I got to chat with the chief architect and came to learn that issues like sustainability and Eco-friendly government building are soon going to hit us.

PS: This Ministry is the one that transformed the Prime Minister's Office and did a good job in doing so

To participate as a member of the studio audience, check the naccsc site.

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