Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maker Faire Africa 2010

The Organizers of Maker Faire Africa choose Kenya to host this years faire at University of Nairobi (main campus) Chancellors court .
Maker Faire Africa seeks to celebrate African ingenuity, innovation and invention and espouses a 'Maker' Philosophy.

I attended this Faire on August 28 as opposed to 27th the first day of the faire because I had been hit by Promulgation bug and hence I was stuck indoors following anything & everything to do with promulgation!

This Maker Faire provided a fantastic gathering of minds showcasing their projects and innovative ideas to the corridors of Ivory towers as opposed to the theory Philosophy espoused by most of the 'learned friends' in the institution and other institutions of learning. 
So this is what you missed;
  • Bike powered maize hushing machine with additional phone charger.
  • Solar powered traffic lights system (Now, that we have Solar powered street lighting by Nairobi City Council ONLY near Parliament buildings and Prime Minister's office).
  • Community based telephone network (Should the price wars cede between the telephone operators am so looking at this project again!)
  • Unicef internet barrel (Note: it is Solar powered)
Unicef drum barrel
  • Kwale rain water mat by DIY Kenya Project

  • Automated water winch machine (Made by UoN engineering students part of DIY Kenya project)
  • Lots of other good stuff that you can check out on recommended links.

During the faire there was free wireless internet provided by Fab-fi so that makes Maker Faire a hot-spot event.

Maker Faire Africa 2010
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