Thursday, February 11, 2010

Acrobatic Performance by China's Hunan Province National Art Troupe

I got a rare chance to experience Chinese culture at same time celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year also known to them as Spring Festival yesterday 10/02/2010 at the K.I.C.C. Ball room.
The 14 of February will mark the most important festival for the Chinese people as they usher in 'The year of the Tiger'. In my case, it will be business as usual (read valentine and the mandatory mass attendance!). However, the Chinese will get to celebrate both as the Chinese ambassador to Kenya put it 'it will be a an ideal moment for the young men in China to celebrate their new year at same time for those with girlfriends to propose.'
You will be living in Mars if you have not noticed the many Chinese in town. We have three categories in my opinion. The workers assisting us in building our highways, the businessmen and we have the tourists. In fact huge hotels in town such as The New-Stanley have a Chinese Restaurant i.e. Tai-Chi restaurant. It is also a common occurrence to see Chinese Tourists taking snaps in front of Nairobi's Landmarks areas such as KICC and City's view site in community.
So the Embassy of the people's Republic of China did put up a very successful performance which was attended by among other the government officials led by the PS in Ministry of Culture, Diplomatic community (I did see the Japanese envoy and other whom I did not recognize), the Chinese community working in Kenya and many Kenyan's wishing to know the ways of our 'friends, partners, brothers'.
The thing I took notice is that China really views Africa as a strategic partner. The ying-Yang sign with one part China and the other Africa caught my attention and the well choreographed acrobatic performance that at times left me breathless. Plus, folk songs from Mao's birth place!
The national Troupe took the peoples hearts with short Swahili composition which shows that they had seriously planned for this occasion.
In sum I clearly enjoyed my evening thanks to the Chinese and look forward to the year of the Tiger!

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